By Sir Richard Francis Burton (Translator)

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Who shall arrest? 'Tis wondrous the while shows my form to sight, * Fire burns my vitals with flamey crest! Indeed for parting I've wept, and yet * No friend I find to mine aid addrest: Ho thou the Moon in a moment gone * From sight, wilt thou rise to a glance so blest? An thou be 'stranged of estrangement who * Of men shall save me? Would God I wist! '" "Then, O Commander of the Faithful, my longings grew and I poured fast tears in torrents and I was like to choke with my sobs, so I arose to walk about the city highways and I clung from wall to wall for what befel me of despight and affright at the disappearance of them,[FN#147] and as I wandered about I repeated these verses, 'To man I'm humbled when my friends lost I * And missed the way of right where hardships lie: Sorrow and sickness long have been my lot * To bear, when need was strong to justify: Say me, shall any with their presence cheer-- * Pity my soul?

Hereupon, O Prince of True Believers, she summoned the Governor and his officials, and I confessed before them and bore witness against myself, when they reviled me and abused me, and I told them the tale full and complete. ' Hereupon, O Prince of True Believers, she said to the Governor, 'Hearken unto what I tell thee. [FN#145] Then they applied a thousand stripes to my left ribs, and threw over me a ragged robe wherewith to veil my shame. But my flanks had been torn open by such a bastinado, nor did I recover for a space of three days, when I found myself lying cast-out upon a dunghill.

I carried forth the whole of them and set them in an apartment of the apartments and returned the flag of the floor to its place. Then I pondered what my brethren and companions had done with me, after which, O Prince of True Believers, I bought handsome clothes and made my person as it was before; and as soon as those men who were with me of yore and upon whom I had spent my substance in gifts and presents beheld me on such wise they flocked around me again. I accepted of them for a device which I purposed carrying out and took patience with them for a whole month whilst they came to visit me every day.

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1001 Arabian Nights - Supplemental Nights - Volume 15 by Sir Richard Francis Burton (Translator)
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