By Francesco da Milano (ed. by M.Mosoczi & G.Zaszlavik)

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Formaldehyde gas infectant. Wash vehicles thoroughly before moving to other areas. html#7 The table above provides guidance for veterinary officers and others coming into direct with poultry on the selection and application of decontamination procedures – these procedures can be applied to wildlife outbreaks as well but remember that adaptation to specific country circumstances will always be necessary. 41 Chapter 12 Personal safety recommendations Wildlife caretakers and health professionals, as well as people coming into contact with sick, injured or dead birds, should observe standard precautions to prevent exposure to pathogens, particularly when it is suspected that the birds in question are suffering from respiratory infections or when working in areas where H5N1 avian influenza is suspected or has been confirmed.

Its objectives are: 1) to exchange scientific data and biological materials (including virus strains) within the network, and to share such information with the wider scientific community; 2) to offer technical advice and veterinary expertise to member countries to assist in the diagnosis, surveillance and control of avian influenza; 3) to collaborate with the WHO influenza network on issues relating to the animalhuman interface; and 4) to highlight influenza research needs, promote their development and ensure coordination.

Same day courier service is preferable, but overnight courier delivery is acceptable. Do not ship samples prior to weekends or extended holidays. Samples that go missing in the courier system on a weekend are often of little value when finally found. Always advise the receiving laboratory in advance that specimens are being dispatched, and give the airway bill number and expected time of arrival. 31 33 Chapter 9 Diagnostics Although H5N1 AI has similarities to other avian influenza viruses, the current understanding is that this virus can be detected from the respiratory tract (trachea) more easily than from the cloaca or feces, making it different from other influenza viruses routinely found in healthy birds.

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14 fantasie (transc. for guitar) by Francesco da Milano (ed. by M.Mosoczi & G.Zaszlavik)
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