By Gavin Middlewood

Forty three Team-building actions for Key level 1 presents basically written lesson plans geared toward bettering more than a few social and actual abilities, in addition to stimulating kid's imaginations via a sequence of intriguing difficulties and eventualities. From saving an endangered animal to surviving an alien invasion, the youngsters are put in not easy occasions within which they are going to have to interact to discover an answer. not just will the actions increase your scholars' PSHE talents - construction their vanity and aiding them to paintings with a associate or in a small crew - they are going to additionally improve crucial move abilities: agility, stability and co-ordination.

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You have not found a yeti, but you have unearthed a fantastic treasure trove and are in the process of taking it home. Unfortunately, as your lead member crosses the rickety bridge that links two mountain peaks, the bridge collapses. Your task is to somehow transport the precious and fragile treasure across to the lead member before nightfall … Instructions 1. One player (the lead member) must cross to the bench (or mat) opposite them. 2. Next, all children must be told that the rickety bridge has collapsed.

All players should be informed of the order that they need to organize themselves into (eg, alphabetical, age or height). 3. When the children are happy with their order, they should try to move as a group to the teacher by listening to the teacher’s voice. YEARS 5–6 Focus Cooperation, verbal and non-verbal communication Number of players 5–10 Equipment Skipping rope/string One blindfold per child Aim Players must organize themselves into a specified order whilst blindfolded. Following this, they should try to reach the safety of the teacher.

5. Soldiers are not allowed to touch or push opponents. Anyone caught doing so must visit the army prison and perform a prison duty of 50 tuck jumps before being allowed to return to the game. 42 43 Team-building Activities for Key Stage 2 © Gavin Middlewood and Andrew Debenham Hints: Successful teams should discuss how they are going to attack and defend the territories. Members also should plan how to tell each other about where the pieces of gold are. Extension: This game can be played within a specified time period.

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