By Larin A. A.

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Stories About Maxima and Minima (Mathematical World, Volume 1)

Through the historical past of arithmetic, greatest and minimal difficulties have performed a tremendous position within the evolution of the box. Many appealing and demanding difficulties have seemed in a number of branches of arithmetic and physics, in addition to in different fields of sciences. the best scientists of the past---Euclid, Archimedes, Heron, the Bernoullis, Newton, and many others---took half in looking strategies to those concrete difficulties.

History of Mathematics: A Supplement

This publication makes an attempt to fill gaps which exist within the normal textbooks at the heritage of arithmetic. One is to supply the scholars with fabric which could motivate extra severe considering. normal textbooks, trying to conceal 3 thousand or so years of mathematical background, needs to unavoidably oversimplify almost about every thing, the perform of that can scarcely advertise a severe method of the topic.

Enumeration of Graph Coverings and Surface Branched Coverings

Plenty of graphs having a symmetry estate could be defined as cover-ings of easier graphs. during this manuscript, we study a number of enumeration difficulties for varied varieties of nonisomorphic graph coverings of a graph and a few in their functions to a gaggle idea or to a floor thought. This manuscript is geared up as follows.

Beschreibende Statistik: Grundlegende Methoden der Datenanalyse (EMIL@A-stat) (German Edition)

In dem Band werden die Grundlagen und die Methoden der Beschreibenden Statistik erläutert. Wie Tabellen, Graphiken und charakteristische Maßzahlen jeweils eingesetzt werden können, um die wesentlichen Informationen deutlich hervorzuheben, vermitteln die Autoren challenge- und zielorientiert: Zu Beginn jedes Kapitels werden anhand eines Beispiels Fragen der methodengestützte examine diskutiert, dann wird der vorgestellte Datensatz ausführlich bearbeitet, so dass die Methoden und deren Nutzen für Leser anschaulich werden.

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At the end, the National Evaluation Committee will propose to the Parliament, through a " scientific statement " a solution for the management of ultimate waste in France. The decision then will be made by French policy makers as to the preferred option for the HLW final disposal. 7. CONCLUSION As can be seen from the paper, the French strategy in spent fuel management has been focusing on recycling for long time. Thanks to this strategy, a strong industry has been developed, able to serve not only French needs, but also international needs even when the supporting policy is not consistent with the French one.

Studies showed that gains should be really significant (for instance, about 6,700 tHM in the 900 MW PWRs). Such reracking would also be possible at La Hague. 2. MOX loading As explained sooner in this paper, many EdF's reactors were initially designed to accept 30% of MOX fuel in the core, and 16 are licensed to do it at present. The loading of these reactors is on progress, the rhythm being driven by the MOX fuel production rate. Two new reactors have been loaded in the first half of 1997 (Tricastin 4 and Gravelines 1), so that 12 reactors are presently loaded with MOX.

Fig. 3 shows the corresponding development in the average discharge burnups of the Siemens reload fuel assemblies most frequently supplied for BWRs and PWRs. It can be concluded from this figure that, from the point in time at which a sharp rise was experienced in specific disposal costs, 34 higher burnups enabled the mass of fuel requiring disposal to be reduced by approximately 28% in the case of PWRs and even by around 42% in the case of BWRs. This also explains how it has been possible to achieve continual reductions in fuel cycle costs per kWh since the mid-1980s, in spite of disposal costs that continue to rise.

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