By John Adam Malet

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The Chosen of the Lord of the Universe ! now the entire universe was Nānak’s temple where all gods and goddesses all suns and moons all stars and spheres in perfect harmony in perfect rhythm of cosmic music worshipped his Master … 17 18 THUS SPAKE BĀBĀ NĀNAK there was no Hindu no Musalmān all humanity all men and women of all races and religions were one before the One and the Unique the Creator and Master of the Universe the Eternal Spirit the Ultimate Transcendence could not be confined within any sects within any bricks within any boundaries temples and mosques dresses and diets rites and rituals must give way to the absolute to the universal THUS SPAKE BĀBĀ NĀNAK 19 such was the mission of Nānak the discourse of his truth of his vision of his philosophy !

In one of the sorties Mardānā could stand no more he was so hungry he refused to follow the Master in the ferocious jungles the Guru asked him to eat the fruits of a wild plant the berries were so delicious Mardānā kept some for later crises 21 22 THUS SPAKE BĀBĀ NĀNAK one day taken over by his usual hunger he bit into the forbidden fruit and fell unconscious the Guru had transformed the poisonous plant into delicious food only once to quench the thirst and hunger of Mardānā he had to be patient patience is sweet greed is poison the Bābā continued with his eternal discourse !

16 THUS SPAKE BĀBĀ NĀNAK with long white beard clad in red robes was sitting on a golden throne with all the gods and goddesses in attendance to the Master of Heavens the celestial music was vibrating every horizon of the universe the majesty, the grandeur of the presence of the audience transcended all imagination Nānak duly bowed before the Eternal Spirit he was beckoned to step forward to receive nectar the milk of the heavenly buffalo from the very hands of the Creator of all worlds and heavens of all stars and spheres… Nānak was intoxicated he had just received the blessings the greatest gift of his life the Knowledge of all knowledge THUS SPAKE BĀBĀ NĀNAK the Secret of all secrets he had just acquired the most splendid spiritual serenity the vision of the most transcendental truth the assurance of his mission of love and peace for all faiths, for all fraternities … the good tidings spread to the thirteen worlds all gods and goddesses all stars and spheres sang in unison Hail Nānak !

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A Catalogue of Roman Silver Coins, in the Library of Trinity by John Adam Malet
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