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Plutarch's Lives, Volume VIII: Sertorius and Eumenes. Phocion and Cato the Younger (Loeb Classical Library No. 100)

Plutarch (Plutarchus), ca. 45–120 CE, used to be born at Chaeronea in Boeotia in vital Greece, studied philosophy at Athens, and, after coming to Rome as a instructor in philosophy, used to be given consular rank by way of the emperor Trajan and a procuratorship in Greece by way of Hadrian. He was once married and the daddy of 1 daughter and 4 sons.

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The children who have speech sound-production difficulties (for example, verbal dyspraxia) have developed their ability to produce a wider range of sounds, which has made their speech easier to understand. I have continued to develop the program in collaboration with my colleagues at the language unit since 1997. The CA sessions have been held once a week, incorporating multi-sensory approaches to literacy development and phonological awareness tasks. The children were introduced to the signs and colour coding of a new sound each week.

Over the past three years a group of approximately fifteen teachers from a wide range of settings 14 A Handful of Sounds 4443-A HANDFUL OF SOUNDS TXT 27/4/04 4:02 PM Page 15 have successfully completed the course, which is very popular, especially among special needs and early years teachers. As a result of these courses, we have been invited by participants to run whole-school training on the CA system. It has also become a regular feature of training for paediatric speech and language therapists.

A cluster-wide professional development session provided prep teachers and other relevant school personnel with information about the screening prior to its commencement. The results of each pupil’s performance were entered into a data bank so that class teachers could receive information at a number of different levels. At the school feedback sessions, class teachers received feedback about each individual pupil and their class as a whole. This included a graphic representing the oral-language skills of prep pupils at the class, school and cluster level.

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