By Esther M. Morales, Michael B. Norris, Alice W. Schwarz, Edith W.Watts

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Inaugural Lectures, University of Lagos, Nigeria. OKEREKE, P. A. et al (1985). "Rice Husk Ash (RHA) as a soil Stabilizer". Proc. l7°` National Conference on Materials Testing, Control and Research. Page No. 6 PP. 90-96. Lagos. A. (1988). "Latcen and latrash Systems for Rural Housing". Proc. Nigerian Society of Engineers Armual conference on Affordable Housing. A. (2002). Agro-Industrial Waste for Rural Housing. African Journal of Environmental studies Vol. l&2 PP. 95-102. OPA, S. A. (1985). Structural properties of Soil Stabilized Bricks.

4 t ha`] during the 2000 and 2001 cropping seasons (Table 2). With significant improvement of seed yam yield through plant pruning, famiers tendency to out migrate in search for better agricultural land may no longer be desirable if planted tree fallow system are adopted for soil rehabilitation. 0 4-2 Spondias mombin 5-4 Zero pruning 3-0 3-I CONCLUSION The population of southeast Nigeria is rising rapidly. This has caused traditional shifting cultivation systems to break down leading to migration of farmers.

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A Masterwork of Byzantine Art: The David Plates by Esther M. Morales, Michael B. Norris, Alice W. Schwarz,
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