By Salim Ali, S. Dillon Ripley, John Henry Dick

This finished ebook depicts all chook species discovered at the Indian Subcontinent. The entries are prepared familywise on 106 color plates which stick with one another in systematic order and are therefore effortless to discover. superbly illustrated through the yank chicken painter, John Henry Dick, the booklet presents concise details pertaining to prestige, measurement, habitat and distribution inside of subcontinental limits. The textual content has additionally been thoroughly revised and up to date with loads of new data.
(Иллюстрированный цветной атлас птиц Индийского субконтинента)

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Sometimes a far-carrying warble. Nest, a deep cup cemented wilh cobweb, placed in llie fork of a twig. Eggs, 2-4. 1933. WHITE-EYE Zosferops palpebrosa 1937. CEYLON WHITE-EYE Zosferops ceylonensis Plate 97(1) 97(2) Family PLOCEIDAE: Weaver Birds Small sized gregarious, arboreal birds, mainly vegetarian. Plumage, from grey and brown, variously patterned. to mainly shades of red, yellow, purple, blue, green or black in variegated combinations; much white in snow finches. Bill thick and sharp-pointed to massive; not very long.

GREY THICKHEAD or MANGROVE WHISTLEB Pachycephala grisola 92(1) Subfamily SYLVIINAJ3: Warblers Small, dull-coloured, active arboreal birds. Bill slender and pointed. Legs short. Wings of medium lcilgth and rounded. , solnetimes berries. Most species have well-developed melodious songs that are often diagnostic for species otherwise confusingly alike. Nest, cup-shaped or domed, placed on lhe ground among vegetauon or up in trees or bushes. Eggs, 3-5 or 6. 1471. 1472. 1473. 1474. 1476. 1478. 1479.

Legs short; feet syndactyl. Wings short and rounded. Sexes generally alike. Flight direct and swift. Non-social birds, adapted for life chiefly at inland waters; though some species are largcly maritime and others largely terrestrial. The 'aquatic' forms feed on fish obtained by diving headlong into the water; the others live also on large insects and small vertebrates. Nest, burrows in river banks or holes in trees. Eggs, 2-7. Incubation by both sexes. Plate HIMALAYAN PIED KINGFISHER Ceryle lugubris LESSER PLED KINGFISHER Ceryle rudis BLYTH'S or GREAT BLUE KINGFISHER Alcedo hercules COMMON KINGFISHER Alcedo afthis BLUE-EARED IUNGFIHER Alcedo meninring THREETOED KINGFISHER Ceyx erifhocus THREETOED KINGFISHER Ceyx erithacus m/idorsus BROWNWINGED KINGFISHER Pelargopsis amauropfera STORKBILLED KINGFISHER Pelargopsis capensis RUDDY KINGFISHER Halcyon coromanda WHITEBREASTED KINGFISHER Halcyon smyrnensis BLACKCAPPED KINGFISHER Halcyon pileafa WHITECOLLARED KINGFISHER Halcyon chloris 58(1) 58(3) 586') 58(6) 58(5) 58(4) 58(2j 58(9) 58(12) 58(11) 58(13) 58(8) 58(10) Family MEROPIDAE: Bee-eaters Gregarious sleek-looking birds with son and compact plumage.

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