By Steven Appelbaum

With the proliferation of titles out there at the present time, why one other booklet on puppy puppy training?Because most of them sound tremendous, yet do not work! And the canines being proficient usually enhance difficulties therefore.  Frustrated puppy vendors are searhing for sensible, humane solutions -- that supply results.The skilled strategy inside the ABC functional education advisor has confirmed itself with over 40,000 puppy vendors around the usa and Canada who've came across their solutions "as easy as ABC."

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Buford ignores this and starts to walk out of the room carrying the sock. Mrs. Jones follows saying, “No Buford, come. Come. Come. ” This has absolutely no effect and Mrs. Jones moves quickly toward the dog in an attempt to grab the inappropriate object out of Buford’s mouth. Upon seeing what, from the dog’s perspective, is a large creature moving toward him, Buford reacts instinctively by darting away. Fourteen-week-old Basset puppies are not exactly renowned for their speed, but they can be wicked around corners, and Buford manages to get halfway across the house before dropping the sock.

If there is no motivation, no change or learning will occur. There are two main types of motivation: positive and negative. With positive motivation, the dog works to get things the dog likes. Examples of positive motivation include: ◆ Walks ◆ Attention 26 How Your Dog Learns ◆ Petting ◆ Rubs ◆ Playing with other dogs ◆ Food treats ◆ Playing with toys ◆ Getting to sniff ◆ Car rides ◆ Going outside ◆ Access to a favorite resting place ◆ Scratches Here’s an example of how positive motivation is used in training: Shred, a six-month-old American Eskimo Dog, runs to her owner and sits when she first greets him.

47 ABC Practical Guide to Dog Training Importance of a Conditioned Reinforcer A conditioned reinforcer is a very important tool for dog training. It enables you to form a verbal bridge between the correct behavior you are teaching and your unconditioned reinforcer. When you teach your dog to understand a conditioned reinforcer, you will be able to communicate with your dog much more clearly. This will increase the effectiveness of your training. Remember, whether you are using food, a toy, a walk, petting or anything else, the unconditioned reinforcer must be something the dog considers rewarding.

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