By Alan R. Katritzky

(from preface)Volume 30 includes seven chapters. That facing ''Furans'' via F. M. Dean updates the evaluate entitled ''The improvement of the Chemistry of Furans 1952-1963'' through F. Bosshard and С. Н. Eugster which was once released in quantity 7.Dr. S. T. Reid has contributed the 1st of 2 sections on photochemistry of heterocycles, the current one facing that of /V-heterocycles. This updates a part of his personal prior assessment ''The Photochemistry of Heterocycles'' released in 1970inVolume eleven. an extra contribution, for you to expand the updating to O- and 5-heterocycles, could be released almost immediately. Dr. A. B. Hornfeldts evaluation, entitled ''Selenophenes,'' additionally bargains with an issue that was once formerly reviewed in quantity 12 of this sequence via N. N. Magdesieva.The ultimate 4 chapters of the current quantity contain subject matters new to the sequence. of them take care of particular teams of compounds (C. J. Moody on ''Azodicarbonyl Compounds'' and T. Sasaki on ''Heteroada-mantanes'') and others take care of the ''Use of Transition Organome-tallic Compounds in Heterocyclic Synthesis'' (J. L. Davidson and P. N. Preston) and ''Sulfur move Reagents''

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