By James L McGaugh and Sara B. Kiesler (Eds.)

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The Neanderthal skeleton is massive and Trinkaus believes that this correlates with the dangerous way of life. 25 2. LONGEVITY IN PRIMATES Homo sapiens sapiens and Length of Life Beginning about 40,000 to 35,000 years ago, the large browridge ancient forms of human beings were replaced by anatomically modern human beings, people like ourselves. There were major changes in the way of life. Technology became far more complicated. People crossed water to Australia, invaded the Arctic, and entered the New World.

5 million years, the brain doubled in size, possibly from 500 to 1000 cc. After that, the increase was less than 50%. Although there are problems in understanding the fossil record, a possible interpretation is that our ancestors were smallbrained bipeds for a long period of time, at least 2 million years, since the Laetolil footprints are clearly not the beginning of bipedalism. During this period, they probably made far more use of objects than do contemporary chimpanzees. 2. LONGEVITY IN PRIMATES 23 Stone tool manufacture marks the beginning of a new and more effective way of life.

G. (1976) Evolution of longevity in primates. Journal of Human Evolution 5:169-202. , Ayala, F. , Stebbins, G. , and Valentine, J. W. (1977) Evolution. San Francisco: W. H. Freeman and Co. , Fobes, J. , and King, J. E. (1976) Prosimian learning capacities. Journal of Human Evolution 5:599-618. Gazzaniga, M. , and LeDoux, J. E. (1978) The Integrated Mind. New York: Plenum Press. Hodos, W. (1970) Evolutionary interpretation of neural and behavioral studies of living vertebrates. Pp. 26-39 in G. O.

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