By B. D. Hore (auth.), P. Golding (eds.)

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Paraprofessional workers and all other structures and forces of the local community and the labour organization participate in the implementation of the programme which is conducted by primary health protection (general practitioner). The 30 ALCOHOLISM: ANALYSIS OF A WORLD-WIDE PROBLEM programme, moreover, takes into account the long term procedure of the alcoholic's rehabilitation and organizes professional teams who work in the Clubs of Treated Alcoholics. Up to now, over 500 Clubs of Treated Alcoholics have been organized in SR Croatia.

100 taverns 54 ALCOHOLISM: ANALYSIS OF A WORLD-WIDE PROBLEM Teetotal Social drinking • r-- t Hard or heavy drinking .. Dependent drinking - alcoholism • I I Chronic • ! 1 For an appreciation of the alcohol problem, it is well to recognize the different types of drinkers. The following classification gives a rough estimation regarding the individual's attitude toward alcohol: (1) (2) Moderate drinkers (acceptable in many but not all human groups) Excessive drinkers (a) occasional intemperate (b) habitual heavy (c) alcohol addicts - compulsive or dependent - alcoholics (d) symptomatic (e) chronic The factors that encourage alcoholism in Sri Lanka appear to be: weakened social patterns and kinship ties due to deculturation by Western influences (see Appendix), (2) drinking being synonymous with hospitality and social functioning, (3) difficult living conditions, (4) increased production of licensed liquors, (5) proliferation of illicit liquor distilleries, (6) non-disapproval of drunkenness and drunken-aggressive behaviour, (7) breakdown of the family unit, (8) disintegration of spiritual values, (9) lack of educational programmes, (10) sudden influx of wealth to a fair section of the people.

30 24 24 No-Pay leave Duty leave 4t 2 6 2! 2 ~Ot 63t 7 I! 29 20 71 19 34 2 (strike) t I2! e. after 'recovery' from alcoholism ALCOHOLISM IN SRI LANKA 57 Because of the enormous diversity of ethnic and religious backgrounds in this 'melting pot' nation, not to mention the regional and social-class variations, it becomes impossible to generalize about the use and abuse of alcohol in Sri Lanka as a whole. To confound the matter further, people who are interested in the subject tend traditionally to approach it in a partisan spirit, turning deaf ears to scientific findings.

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