By Serge Lang

This is a moment variation of Lang's famous textbook. It covers the entire uncomplicated fabric of classical algebraic quantity thought, giving the coed the historical past invaluable for the research of extra subject matters in algebraic quantity conception, similar to cyclotomic fields, or modular forms.

"Lang's books are consistently of significant price for the graduate scholar and the study mathematician. This up-to-date variation of Algebraic quantity idea is not any exception."―-MATHEMATICAL REVIEWS

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Lf V splits completely in E, if KdK is finite, and vliv in Kt, then v1 splits completely in EK 1 • lf Et, E2 are finite extensions of K, and V splits completely in El and E2, then v splits completely in the compositum E 1E 2. The proofs are immediate. Let A be a Dedekind ring. Its group of fractional ideals is isomorphic to the free abelian group generated by the prime ideals. If lJ is a prime ideal, and Ap the local ring at p, then the group of fractional ideals of Ap is infinite cyclic, generated by the maxima!

Then a is integral over A, [II, §4] 49 UNRAMIFIED EXTENSIONS and ă is a root of g"', whence g divides g"'. On the other hand deg g = [B"': A"'] = [E : K] ~ deg g and so g = g"'. This proves the first statement. Conversely, if a satisfies the stated condition, then we may assume without loss of generality that its irreducible polynomial g(X) is such that g"' has no multiple roots. We can now apply Corollary 2 of Proposition 14, Chapter I, §5 (to the smallest Galois extension of K containing E) to conclude that g"' is a power of an irreducible polynomial, and hence is irreducible.

Hence every element x E B is such that (mod pB) for some cii E A. This proves our proposition. Finally, we prove one more result, generalizing the arguments of Proposition 21. Proposition 24. Let A be a Dedekind ring, and a a non-zero ideal. Let nu = ordu a. Then the canonica[ map A~ II A/p"P p induces an isomorphism of A/a onto the produci. Proof. The map is surjective according to the Chinese remainder theorem, and it is clear that its kernel is exactly a. Corollary. for each prime iclealp. Denote by Na the number of elements in the residue class ring A/a.

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Algebraic Number Theory (Graduate Texts in Mathematics) by Serge Lang
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