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The I2 and the part of the I having a thermal distribution of speeds are thought to come from evaporation of a layer of excess I on the surface left after depletion of the more easily sputtered K. On the other hand, the KI and K2I2 have much higher energies than the thermal peaks and appear to arise from direct momentum transfer from the Ar+. There is also evidence that sputtered alkali Fig. 7 Variation of ion currents (arbitrary units) [Eqs. (8)-(10)] from sputtering of crystal of KI by Ar+ (6 keV); neutral species pass through velocity selector and are ionized by electron bombardment producing mainly the parent ion except that K2I2 yields K2I+; calculated for I effusing from source at T0 = 560 K.

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Alkali Halide Vapors: Structure, Spectra, and Reaction by P. Davidovits
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