By Wolfgang Demtröder

This advent to Atomic and Molecular Physics explains how our current version of atoms and molecules has been built over the last centuries via many experimental discoveries and from the theoretical part by means of the creation of quantum physics to the enough description of micro-particles.

It illustrates the wave version of debris by way of many examples and exhibits the boundaries of classical description. The interplay of electromagnetic radiation with atoms and molecules and its power for spectroscopy is printed in additional element and specifically lasers as sleek spectroscopic instruments are mentioned extra thoroughly.

Many examples and issues of suggestions should still set off the reader to an severe energetic cooperation.

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On the contrary, the isomerization from trans to cis isomers was achieved relatively easily for several kinds of salts (Schemes 50 [83] and 52 [85]). ) } (solvenl)m (HzOln 2 9-Ac- hv (dlamlneH2z. ) solid state .. dlamlnes and metals tested: dlamlne • en, tn, (±)·or (R,R)·t-chxn, c-chxn M • Mg, Ca, Sr, Ba, Zn head-to-tall head-to-head mixed CCO+ ~ .. · AN exafl1)1e: DAN h-to·t mixed 16 5 •Dried In vacuo HHDHA OAQ DHA 5 2 2 .. z• DAN 0 .. photostable (9·Ac-)z(c-ctlxnHl+)(EtOH)z. s• AN HH 7 42 3 3 0 AQ 9-AC 2 98 % 2 67 3 97 3 34 at 70 OC.

12 A for t-28-en ca .. 3+ HfH... H NH3+ • -ooc~e _ . n Ca.. 76 A, C~ .. 8 A cinnamamides was carried out. -truxillamides) were successfully obtained by photolyses of the hydrogenbonded 2: 1 cocrystals derived from a cinnamamide and oxalic or phthalic acid (Scheme 47) [81]. The crystallographic analysis of trans-cinnamamide·pht (t30-pht) has shown that two amide molecules are brought to an overlap configuration via a supramolecular linker pht. 85 A). Therefore, a crankshaft-like dynamic conformational change [82] is thought to occur in the crystal prior to cycloaddition to ~-truxinamide (Scheme 48).

On the other hand, this stereospecificity of the reaction can be a disadvantage because of inaccessibility to other stereoisomers. In order to circumvent such a problem, we explored compelled orientational control of the photodimerization of particular compounds like trans-cinnamic acids and anthracenecarboxylic acids [74-78]. During our study, photochemistry of fiuoro- and chloro-substituted trans-stilbene-4-carboxylic acids and their methyl esters and alkaline and alkaline earth salts in the crystalline phase was likewise studied in order to synthesize specific stereoisomers selectively (Scheme 41) [79].

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An Introduction to Atomic and Molecular Physics by Wolfgang Demtröder
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