By Gibbs R. C.

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Analysis and Design of Integrated Circuit-Antenna Modules

With communications applied sciences swiftly increasing, the conventional separation of digital circuits and antenna platforms layout isn't any longer possible. This e-book covers numerous layout methods appropriate to built-in circuit-antenna modules with the target of putting the antenna, transmitter, and receiver all on a unmarried chip.

Introduction to the theory of Fourier's series and integrals

As an introductory clarification of the idea of Fourier's sequence, this transparent, designated textual content is exceptional. The 3rd revised variation, that's right here reprinted unabridged, includes exams for uniform convergence of sequence, an intensive remedy of term-by-term integration and the second one theorem of suggest price, enlarged units of examples on countless sequence and integrals, and a piece facing the Riemann Lebeague theorem and its results.

Stochastic Analysis and Related Topics VIII: Silivri Workshop in Gazimagusa (North Cyprus), September 2000

Over the past years, stochastic research has had an immense development with the impetus originating from varied branches of arithmetic: PDE's and the Malliavin calculus, quantum physics, direction house research on curved manifolds through probabilistic equipment, and extra. This quantity comprises chosen contributions that have been offered on the eighth Silivri Workshop on Stochastic research and comparable themes, held in September 2000 in Gazimagusa, North Cyprus.

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Analysis of Spectra Arising from Quadruply Ionized Tin, Sn V by Gibbs R. C.
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