By J.X. Boucherle, J. Flouquet and C. Lacroix (Eds.)

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The analysis of the lattice parameters of CeGa 2 at room temperature is in agreement with a tri valent state for Ce in this compound. 5 K on a polycrystalline sample, indicate that CeGa 2 exhibits an almost ferromagnetic behaviour. Although the initial susceptibility is high, a metamagnetic transition is observed around 200 Oe. The thermal variation of the magnetization, measured in low field, presents a maximum around 4 K with an inflexion point at about 9 K. However, it is difficult to conclude from these measurements for a ferro- or an antiferromagnetic behaviour and to locate the ordering temperature.

From the magnetic neutron-scattering cross section one can calculate the static magnetic susceptibility XQ(T) via a sum rule [7]. In cubic symmetry it reads f dES(Q,E)/f(E) J—oo = (ye2/meC2)2F(Q)2 e" 2 W χ0(Τ)/(2μ2Β). (3) Before applying eq. (3) to S(Q, E) as defined by eq. (2), this latter quantity must be extended properly to hold for E < 0, too. , the contribution linked to d ) . 001) emu/mol as measured for our sample in a Faraday magnetometer. , at low temperatures it is greatly reduced compared to its free-ion CEF value.

63 & 64 (1987) 338. Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 63 & 64 (1987) 31-33 North-Holland, Amsterdam CRYSTAL-FIELD-EXCITATIONS IN CePb 3 B. RENKER, E. GERING, F. GOMPF, H. SCHMIDT and H. B. 3640, D-7500 Karlsruhe, Fed. Rep. Germany We present absolute intensities for inelastic magnetic neutron-scattering from cubic CePb3. Both quasi-elastic scattering and inelastic scattering due to CEF excitations are observed and analyzed in terms of a free-ion CEF scheme. We conclude that in CePb3, a Γ7 doublet is the 4f ground-state.

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Anomalous Rare Earths and Actinides. Valence Fluctuation and by J.X. Boucherle, J. Flouquet and C. Lacroix (Eds.)
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