By Erasmo & John M. Hill & Federico de Onis Buceta

A 1923 textbook for studying Spanish. university point Spanish routines and tales.

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2 ST I, p. 16, This is the theology which is 'as old as religion'. See above, p. 19. 1 -62religion becomes just what the voice of theology-in-general declares it to be. Suppose, for example, that a rationalist were to adopt Tillich's definition of theology. 1 As against the rationalist and anti-theistic humanism Tillich raises an idea of theology based on the idealistic principle of the identity of thinking and being. Divinity (identified with being) is therefore discovered directly by thinking.

1 -51problems are treated. This seems to indicate that what is existential or modern about the system is more of a veneer upon the surface that anything integral to it. And such a conclusion is confirmed by Tillich's own witness. He has recorded how, in Marburg in 1925, he began work on his Systematic Theology and at the same time encountered existentialism in the philosophy of Heidegger, who was then teaching in the same university. '1 So it would appear that existentialism has indeed influenced his system, but externally and without disturbing his basic essentialist vision.

The reason, we learn, is that primary revelation is not sufficiently available to meet our needs. Secondary revelation has -- somehow -- to fill at least part of the gap between what we have and what we undoubtedly require. For the idealism that gives the system its orientation believes that we cannot remain content to accept existence as we find it, since this would be to accept shadow instead of substance. '2 Therefore the logos, instead of reigning in the world and over it, does not appear to us in its fulness but merely potentially.

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Antologia De Cuentos Españoles by Erasmo & John M. Hill & Federico de Onis Buceta
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